The Beatles Live at the Hollywood (1977)

Produced by George Martin

As I wrote this I am in a theater waiting to see the Beatles Rooftop performance on Imax and I decided to talk about The Beatle’s only true live album.

The story for this album is that they wanted to release a live album and recorded two shows made on the Hollywood Bowl in 1964 and 1965. The Beatles did not feel right to release it because the screams made it hard to hear the songs so the recording remained in the shelf. Until in 1977 there a bootleg was released of a concert they made in 1962. So Capitol to go against that release gave George Martin the tapes in hopes he could make an album out of it. And George Martin did, in the liner notes he is honest about the quality (the screams, the performances were good) but that he felt it was worth releasing it for the history it represented.

The album features 13 songs performed in 1964 and 1965. It is a great album and in this period The Beatles still played with energy and enthusiasm and were not yet tired of all the hysterics. I think it’s a great live album and the screams are forgiven, although the remastered version was released in 2016 the screams are toned down, and the performances can be better appreciated.

Too bad they never played again a true concert because they sound great live and it would have been amazing to hear songs from The Beatles( white album) live. But for any fan, this is a great treat.

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