You were never really here (2017)

Directed by Lynne Ramsay

Starring Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix is without a doubt one of the greatest actors, at least in my opinion. He takes so many different roles and I don’t think he takes roles based on box office or rewards. So, I always like to see his films. This one I found as I was looking for something to see.

The story centers around Joe, a war veteran that is traumatized by the war. He works as a hired gun to rescue girls that are being trafficked. His next assignment is compromised and he has to rescue the girl again.

I have to start by saying that the movie for me had its highs and lows. It had a lot of good moments but I felt that in a moment where the tension was high they brought it down again. But the movie had a good story and in truth a serious story in terms that it deals with veterans and the trafficking of girls. It is a violent film without being too graphic. The movie feels slow at times but Phoenix’s performance keeps you interested.

When I first saw Phoenix in Gladiator, I was convinced of his talent. And in every film, whether the movie is good or bad, his performance is good. Here he gives us a character that does not say much but Phoenix can let us know this character by the physical expressions.

I can’t say it is one of his best movies, but it was not bad either. It had its moments where the suspense and action were high, but a lot of the time the film just focuses on the main character.

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