Janet Jackson (2022)

Directed by Benjamin Hirsch

One thing about documentaries about an artist is that I have never felt like I needed to be a fan to enjoy it. I like the human aspect of any story. I like a few of her songs but I don’t consider myself a fan of her music, it is just not my style. But she has been a private artist despite her fame and it interested me to see this.

When it comes to successful families there is no doubt one of the most known is the Jacksons. Starting with the Jackson 5 and of course Michael Jackson. There is also Janet Jackson who is also a successful artist in her own right.

The documentary is divided into 4 episodes and it goes through her whole career. I found it to be very honest and revealing not only of her life but also of the family. It has a lot of good footage that I had never seen. And it has one touching moment where we get to see Micheal and Janet writing the song Scream.

I can admire how she has handled her career and even through difficult times she has stood her ground and just kept doing her music. I think this is a great treat for her fans to see Janet open up and share her life and talk about everything she has gone through.

As far as music documentaries go, this one was well-done. I thought it handled the good and the bad with honesty and respect for the artist.

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