Paterson (2016)

Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Starring Adam Driver and Golshifte Farahani

Trying to take advantage of my free month with Amazon Prime I was looking for films they have. I found this one with Adam Driver who is one of my favorite actors.

This film is hard to describe and give even a summary of the film. All I can say is that takes place in a week in the life of Paterson from Monday to the next Monday when the film ends. We see his routine and his interactions with his wife and friends in a bar. In between it all he writes poetry in a notebook.

What can I say, I can’t even put in words what I saw. This is a film about nothing specific except to take the audience in the routine and life of this character. So it is not a bad film, it has no apparent plot in my opinion but is just a reflection on anyone’s life. We wake up go to work go to sleep and repeat most of what we did yesterday, at least that is what I got from the movie. Because the film is just a look at this character, it is a very slow movie that I don’t know if a wide audience might enjoy. I liked the film, the characters around Paterson were interesting. It is not a great film, but I can’t say it’s bad.

Adam Driver gave a great performance. I felt the tiredness in the character and that calmness in knowing there is nothing else to do. The cast around Adam was also good. In terms of the performances, the film stands out with some good ones.

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