The Phantom (2022)

Directed by Patrick Forbes

I have reviewed things before that were recommended by Cultura Geek, they do Facebook live each Thursday and have a segment where they recommend series or movies, this one was mentioned in their last Facebook live. I thought it was interesting and decided to see it.

The documentary follows the case of Wanda Lopez. She was killed during a robbery in a gas station. The police charged Carlos DeLuna with the murder and even though he always claimed his innocence they sentenced him to the death penalty. Years later the man he claimed did the crime was found to be real and witnesses say that Carlos Hernandez bragged about getting away with killing Wanda and another girl.

This is a perfect example of my feelings against the death penalty. What about the innocent that die and then are found to be innocent. I believe that is the main reason for this documentary and I don’t want to go into a debate on the subject and just focus on this case.

The documentary is just fascinating and sad in so many ways. The fact that DeLuna and Hernandez looked almost the same is chilling. Sad because the police, in this case, should have investigated more and not be so certain about having the right guy without hard evidence, just my opinion. It is shocking the evil of Hernandez and how he got away for many years of so many things.

It was a very sad story that in a way it is good that it is being told for DeLuna. It was hard to see I admit. But it was a very good documentary.

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