Aileen Wuornos: American Boogieman (2021)

Directed by Daniel Farrands

Starting Peyton List, Tobin Bell, Lydia Hearst, Ashley Atwood

Just the other day I wrote about the movie Monster that it’s also about Aileen Wuornos. I saw this film on the coming soon section on Netflix and I was curious to see it. Netflix did a good job with a movie about Ted Bundy, another serial killer, so I thought they could do the same with Wuornos and her story.

Where Monster was focused on the crimes themselves and her relationship with her girlfriend. This one is set on telling the story of her younger years. She meets Jennifer who tries to become her friend but she ends up marrying her father for his money.

Someone on the IMDB page said that if you want to see a movie about Aileen, see Monster. I have to agree, this movie was bad on so many levels. The older Aileen looks funny, yes they made her look similar to the real one but I just could not buy it, it looked funny or maybe the performance behind the makeup was not good. The story felt like a bad murder Lifetime movie instead of a true look at those years in her life. This felt like a fictional account of the marriage but it feels like it was not necessary to tell that story in the film.

This movie felt more like cashing in Peyton List fame because of Cobra Kai. But I don’t think this was the right role or project for her to move on her career. She was not bad but not great either, but the story did not help. The acting also felt like a Lifetime movie.

Monster is a much better film and I recommend you see that one if interested in a film about Aileen Wuornos.

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