The Tender Bar (2022)

Directed by George Clooney

Starring Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan, Lily Rabe, Christopher Lloyd

I believe that movie’s main purpose is to entertain, but I also believe they can tell stories that both entertain and also express something about life that an audience could relate to. Coming of age films are films that I like a lot, films like Stand by me come to my mind just to name one. This genre of films tells very relatable stories and if told right, it can also be entertaining. I can also remember riding in cars with boys with Drew Barrymore, that was a good one, or at least I liked it. When I saw the trailer for The Tender Bar, I wanted to see the movie.

The movie is about JR, who is moving back to his grandfather’s house with his mother. His father works in the radios but for the most part, he is absent. But, he lives with his uncle Charlie who takes the kid under his wings and teaches him about life.

Based on the memoir with the same name written by JR Moehringer and it is a story about a boy growing up looking for his place and confronting life. Every journey is similar but yet unique, hard to explain, so that part of the story is common and seen in other films. But still, I loved the film. I believe it is told very honestly. The story is charming and funny and moving. The Tender Bar to me represents that place where he felt at home and where he found the strength to reach for his goals, under the eye of his uncle.

It touched me a lot, it reminded me of my nephew when he was still a baby, he moved along with my sister back home and I got to be there for a lot of things as he grew up. His father is nothing like the one in this movie, but still, the circumstances brought him to live at my house for a few years until I got married. I try to be there, not quite as cool as uncle Charlie, but I hope he knows that I’m always there for him.

The driving force in the film is Ben Affleck’s performance. I loved his performance. Tye Sheridan was very good as JR, his performance felt honest and not forced through the seasons in the character’s life. How great to see Christopher Lloyd again on a film.

George Clooney directs a wonderful film and a beautiful story.

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