Dead Sleep (2021)

Directed by Sky Borgman

These documentaries are hard to review or just state an opinion. The reason is that it involves a life tragically lost and it is somehow used to explore something else.

I never heard of the case, so this was new to me. I came to this documentary through a page I follow, they talked about it and I decided to see it.

This documentary failed in the same sense that Blackfish (which I liked a lot) failed because the other side declined to speak. Now for whales, it did not matter to me because since Sea World is a big company, they just had more to lose by talking. But here, the one-sided aspect of the story is misleading and not right. They don’t put blame or say anything bad about the victim, but to prove the sleepwalking thing they do over-exalt the good guy persona the killer had. Only the lawyers provided other angles. But it is hard, it is a tough case to make a decision.

Other than that. I thought the analysis of sleepwalking was interesting but it could have been studied more away from this case. The film does not give you a straight answer, but I don’t think he sleepwalked. But that is up to the viewer.

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