A mouthful of air (2021)

Directed by Amy Koppelman

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Finn Wittrock, Jennifer Carpenter, Paul Giamatti, Amy Irving

I found this film as I searched for a movie to rent on iTunes. I saw the trailer and it caught my attention.

The story is about Julie and Ethan, they are a married couple who have a son. Julie writes children’s books that tell stories related to her life in some ways. She struggles with anxiety and when her second baby is born her struggles get worse.

This is one of those films that I feel are made in hope that people can understand what people with certain conditions go through. In this case, the movie handles anxiety and fears. As someone who battles anxiety every day, this movie felt so accurate. From the line of thinking, she described the way she had to pretend that she was alright. Now her case is extreme because she had thought about ending her life.

The film itself, I thought was good. The story is hard to see, but it is done so well in terms of the direction and what the movie showed.

There are some tense moments when I felt dislike I could not watch because I just could not see what I thought would happen. But aside from that, this is a drama film all the way.

Amanda Seyfried did a great job. She nailed the emotional aspect of her character. From her expressions and body language.


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