My girl 2 (1994)

Directed by Howard Zieff

Starring Dan Ackroyd, Jaime Lee Curtis, Anna Chlumsky, Austin O’ Brien

I have not seen either film in a long time. The first movie is a classic of the era and one of Macaulay Culkin’s beat known movies besides Home Alone.

The story now finds Vada coping with her father and Shelley having a baby. In school, she has to do a project about someone she does not know and she decides to make it about her mother. Her father lets her stay with her uncle in LA so she can talk to those who knew her mother.

The first film was a good mix of drama and comedy and had a moving story. This second film seemed to rely more on making an emotional and sentimental story. It lacked the charm the first one had but yet it served as a nice coming-of-age movie. The story was nice and Vada is a good character and although not necessary, it was interesting to see another story with her.

I like Anna Chlumsky’s performance as Vada, I think she nails the character in both her sarcasm and the emotional aspects. Dan and Jaime Lee also turn great performances. Austin O’ Brien had a difficult shoe to fill in terms of taking Macauly’s place ( not playing the same character, but being Vada’s companion). He did a good job, better than the other film I saw that he was on (check my review for Last action hero).

Not as good as the first one but still enjoyable. It had a good story and most of the charm that made the first one a good movie.

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