The Last action hero (1992)

Directed by John McTiernan

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin O’Brien, Art Carney, Charles Dance, Anthony Quinn,

Sometimes it is good to give a film a second chance. I did not like this film when I first saw it in 1992. I don’t know why but I decided to see it again since it was on Netflix.

The story is about this kid, Danny, who loves movies. When the guy who works at a movie theater gives Danny a golden ticket that can take him into the movie. Danny goes to see his favorite action star and finds himself inside the movie.

How did the second chance go? It went well. I have to say the movie is not perfect, but I found it fun this time around. It still has one thing that annoyed me then and annoyed me still. I don’t like the Danny character, I can’t blame the actor maybe he did what he was asked. But the rest of the movie was good enough. The satire and parody of action film at the time and all the cliches were fun to see. The action was good and the idea of the kid going into the film was very cool.

It has a good cast of actors like Anthony Quinn, F Murray Abrams, and other cool cameos. Although I don’t blame Austin and I won’t go at him as fans went against Jake Lloyd, but his performance was too over the top for me. But like I said maybe the way that character was written that I just did not like.

But seeing it now, I found it fun and entertaining, not a great movie, but fun and entertaining.

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