Joe bell (2021)

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Connie Britton, Reid Miller

“How many deaths will it take until he knows

That too many people have died”

Bob Dylan

As I finished this movie I just thought of that lyric from the song Blowing in the wind because there are just so many stories like this one and I wonder when will we learn. To think I just saw the film today because it was my last day with Amazon Prime.

Joe bell decides to take a walk across America until he gets to New York and spread awareness against bullying. His son was being bullied because he was gay. When he was attacked and felt like no one could help him, he takes his own life. On the journey, Joe walks imagining his son is with him trying to understand him and find redemption.

What a sad story on all accounts. It is one of those films you know are necessary and have a purpose beyond box office or awards. Too many kids have died because of bullies. About the film, it is not an easy film to review but here I go. It was a good film. The story I thought was told with sincerity and with respect because this film is a tragedy. I like how they paired Joe with his son as he walked and have those conversations that he might have wanted to have.

Mark gives one of his best performances a Joe. It was good to see Gary Sinise again in a movie. It had a good cast, the actor who played Jadin did a great job.

It is a hard movie to see because it is a sad film in every sense but it has an important story that should be told.

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