No way home for Spider-Man (spoilers)

This is not a review in all honesty, is more of me just sharing random notes on what I believe is now my favorite superhero movie. By now I think that most who wanted to see the movie have, but just in case I will talk with spoilers.

Endgame is an exciting movie all the way and it’s amazing to see all those heroes in one film and with a great story, one that was 10 years in the making. But for me in terms of story and impact, The Dark Knight held the spot of a superhero film that felt like more than that. The Dark Knight took comics to film to a place there had never gone before. It examined evil and human nature, and the sacrifices a hero makes. It showed a flawed hero in Batman/Bruce Wayne and a broken hero who loses it all in the end for the sake of those he protects.

After today, my fourth time seeing Spider-Man: No way home, I have to say this is now my favorite superhero movie of all time. I’m sure we all have our favorites and reasons for that, I’m not putting down any other film, just saying that for me, “No way home” is the best one. All that I said about Dark Knight I found in this movie, the difference is that Marvel always adds humor, but in this film, the tone felt right and did not ruin the emotional part of the story. Yes, Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker was amazing and still the best villain I have seen on screen, but having said that, Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin was just as evil and excellent performance, even if Heath’s was better, still Dafoe does an amazing job with this character that just breaks our hero’s spirit.

Heath Ledger was the main factor in the Dark Knight, well for this one is Tom Holland and his performance as Peter. This comes from a person who struggled to like the MCU’s version of Spider-Man, I felt there was too much Iron Man. But in this film, Holland is given a film where Peter grows from this kid to a true hero that has to sacrifice everything. His performance is powerful and moving as well as fun, as we see him still trying to solve everything. As exciting as it was to see Tobey and Andrew (who I like a lot as Spider-man), their part did not take away anything from Holland, it was his film.

It is not the big spectacle of having all these characters in the movie that makes me see it again, as awesome as that is, is the heart of the story. The message in this film, Spider-Man is asked to help those who are doing him wrong, even the one that killed his aunt. And I love the fact that it was not a Disney moment where Peter magically forgave Osborn, he had to be restrained by the other Spider-Man and he realized that he was crossing a line. Just like Batman in the Dark Knight, here Spider-Man has to sacrifice something to save everyone. Batman took the fall for Harvey and took all the hate, Spider-man had to choose life all alone where no one he loved would remember him, what painful thing and Holland performance where he goes to seek his friends and chooses to let them be, it is heart-breaking and speaks of love and sacrifice.

This is an amazing film, and as amazing as Nolan was in his treatment of Batman, for me now The Dark Knight is the second-best superhero movie. Spider-Man no way home takes that place and I can’t wait where Marvel Studios to take Spider-Man in the future. Spider-Man has always been my favorite comic character and now has my favorite hero film title. Thanks to those who read it and sorry for maybe putting too much in a simple superhero movie.



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