Young Guns 1 & 2 (1988, 1990)

Directed Christopher Cain (1988)

Directed by Geoff Murphy

Young Guns 1 starring Charlie Sheen, Emilio Esteves, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dermot Mulroney, Jack Palace,

Young Guns II Starring Emilio Esteves, Christian Slater, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, William Petersen

I have wanted to see these films again for so long but I could never catch them on tv or find them on any streaming service. Finally I found both films in Hulu. These films are not masterpieces, but for the times they were made it featured a cast full of actors who were it at that time and I like the story and theme of loyalty and friendship.

This first film begins with William running away and a man named John Tunstall offers him a place. He is a rancher who takes strays and gives them a job and he gives them education. When he is killed, the group of young men are made regulators to bring the ones who killed John to justice. But William has other plans and it all ends in a epic showdown.

For the second film each regulator had gone their separate ways. When the law finds them one by one, they a reunited once more and they escape trying to Mexico city. Meanwhile, Billy’s friend, Patty Garrett is hired to bring Billy down.

There are not many westerns that I like and for some reason I am fan of these two films. The second one for me was better but both films are good in my opinion. The story I think is not factual but an interpretation of Billy the Kid’s story. The story is full of interesting characters and the second film adding to the action, there are funny moments too.

The best thing for me is the cast in both films. The first film has a more serious tone and the second one is more irreverent as Billy’s persona is irreverent.

Another thing worth mentioning is the Young Guns II soundtrack by Jon Bon Jovi. The songs are inspired by the film and there are great songs. Blaze of Glory is a classic songs.

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