Spencer (2021)

Directed by Pablo Larraín

Starring Kirsten Stewart, Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins

I was interested in the film based on the good reviews it was getting. Diana is one of those tragic stories of a person who helped a lot and was tragically lost. There have been other films but I have not yet seen them, so this is my first based on her life, or so I thought.

The main premise of the film is Diana going through her marriage failing and knowing of Prince Charles’s affair. She spends the weekend in one of the Queen’s properties as she struggles with the situations going on in her life.

I was disappointed by the film, or maybe not disappointed but I had a different movie in mind. This is more a fictional tale of true events rather than a film telling her real story. It presented a very dark Diana in my opinion. The film itself to me felt a bit boring. It failed to grab me from the start.

One thing I must say is that in terms of Stewart’s performance, she deserves the praise. Not a fan of her at all, I admit her performance was the only thing I liked, or at least I had to admit she nailed it.

Apart from that, the movie was just not what I had in mind. Is like Black Swan met Diana in the sense of her having a breakdown.

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