Only Murders in the Building (2021)

Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman

Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Nathan Lane

I have to be honest, if not for the high recommendation from my sister to see this show, I would have let this series pass. Available on Hulu, let’s talk a little about this show.

The show is about three tenants in a building who come together to solve a murder that happened on the building. And as they investigate, they start a podcast where they talk about their theories and findings.

When I first started I was enjoying the show but I stopped at the second or third episode. After hearing how much my sister enjoyed the show, I decided to pick it up again. And I must say that after the first few episodes the show takes off and episode got better. This show has everything, it has mystery and comedy, some romance and great characters.

With two comedic geniuses like Steve and Martin Short it is sure that you will laugh and that would be right. Both were so good on the show. Selena was surprisingly good and held her own with Steve and Martin. There are a lot of good actors doing small roles and that just ads to the show.

This is a very good show and because it mixes genres, it is always interesting and fun to watch.

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