Kiss Destroyer (1976)

Produced by Bob Ezrin

With the hope of having content for the page, I have decided to dig into bands I never heard before that a lot of people like. I started with Kiss. So far I’m on their album called Rock and Roll Over, once I have listened to all their album I’ll do a video ranking them, but I heard this one and wanted to go ahead and write about the album, so far is my favorite from them.

I have to admit, musically they sound great. It is good old rock and roll, the lyrics might feel like the source for all the party songs of the ’80s but they are better than what I expected. This is a great album with a lot of epic rock songs. Detroit Rock City opens the album in the right direction. Followed by the song King of the Night Time Workd and it continues from there with other great songs. I loved the song Great Expectations and God of Thunder.

Now I understand why so many like this band, I am not going as far as to say they are now among my favorite bands, but I can say that they are among the great bands and have their place in Rock history. I have enjoyed all their albums so far, but this one so far in my opinion s

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