Being the Ricardos (2021)

Directed by Aaron Sorkin

Starting Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem, J.K. Simons, Nina Arianda

This film interested me on the basis that I love movies based on real events or people, even though I know they are not always 100% true, they do provide to some extent a way to understand a person or the event. For me it’s a start, if I like the movie, I begin to research what happened and see if I can find video footage or something to then add facts to what the film presented.

This film takes a look a Lucille Ball and it takes place over a week from Monday to Friday when they tape the show. She is being accused in the newspapers of being a communist at a time when a committee was going after celebrities who had involvement in communist activities. We see how that, along with other situations places the show and her career in danger. Also, we see her life and relationship through flashbacks.

Lucille Ball is one of those names who is known even if you have never seen I Love Lucy. That is my case, I have only seen highlights or some scenes but never the show, but I know about the show and how big it was. I think this film was done with so much care and respect to that show and the characters. I felt that even though the movie is about Lucille, all characters were taken care of in the sense that they all mattered. It is a great film. I admit I was hesitant to see it because of the two hours, but once I started I was into the film and only stopped because it was late and I finished it as soon as I woke.

I loved that the film included interviews from people that were involved for real with Lucille and the show and they added an element of confirmation to what the film was portraying. I had no idea that Lucille faces trouble for communist ties.

The best part of the film is the cast. Nicole Kidman is great as Lucy. She disappears into the role with perfection and care. She brought the physical comedy of the times and was moving for the emotional parts of the story. Javier Bardem was also great as Lucy’s husband. J.K. Simons and all the cast made this film a joy to watch.

Going back to what I said at the start, now begins my research about Lucy and get to know other facts the film left out or changed. It was a great film.

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