Monster (2003)

Directed by Patty Jenkins

Starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci

I remember this film. I went to this old movie theater that was the only one in Puerto Rico that played films that were not as commercial as other movies, it was called Fine Arts Theater. The parking lot was dark and I remember leaving that film in such shock that I went nervously to the car. That is a testament to Charlize’s performance and Jenkins’s direction.

The movie tells the story of Aileen Wuornos. It focuses more on her relationship with Selby than on the murders, but the murders are in the story. Narrated by Wuornos, she takes us from her childhood to what she then became.

I don’t know what things are true or added for the story, but this is a frightening film. And as I saw it again, yes Aileen was evil, but she was not the only Monster in the story. I think the film places a bit of the blame on Selby, but it’s hard to tell because I think the part of the relationship might not be a faithful representation of what went on. As a film, it stands as a great film. Wonder Woman’s director wrote and directed this film and she did an excellent in telling a story of a life that had little chance of changing, even if she tried. It has a balance because it does not bring sympathy towards Aileen, even if we still feel bad for those who did her wrong. The last victim in the film was the one that broke and for me the scene that earned Theron her Oscar.

This is Charlize Theron’s movie. She is captivating as Aileen and she carries the film on her shoulders. Now I am a fan of Christina Ricci but I feel this was not her best performance, even though she was not bad.

This is a good film and just to see Theron’s performance is worth watching it. It is a hard film to see because of the truth behind it all, but it is a good film.

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