Hawkeye (2021)

Starring Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vara Farmiga,

I have to admit that this show ended up being among my favorites from the ones Marvel gave us this year. I think finally Clint gets a story where he gets to shine.

When it comes to the series Marvel has done some rights and others not so well, mainly What if. But this one surprised me, I have to say I liked the story and how it all connected to past MCU films. Hailee and Jeremy worked well together, I liked the chemistry between the characters. It had good plot twists and all the characters are well written.

The action scenes are great. We are slowly saying goodby to the actors that gave us such excitement through the first phases of the MCU, but in this case, I like Hailee as the new Hawkeye and won’t mind seeing her more in the future MCU films.

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