The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Directed by Marc Webb

Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Sally Field.

I started to see all the Spider-Man films before going to see No Way Home but I only got to see the first trilogy. Over the weekend I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and today I got to the sequel of the Garfield films. I have a love-hate relationship with this movie.

In this film, Peter is a relationship with Gwen but feels bad because of the promise he made to her father to keep away from danger. Meanwhile, Max an electrician who is a Spider-Man fanatic falls into a container with electric eels and suddenly he can control electricity. Harry Osborn returns to find he is dying and needs Spider-Man blood. The two unite to get Spider-Man.

Seeing it now and all the characters in the film, I believe they had good intentions with this series. They had a good actor playing Spider-Man and others in the cast, but they failed in the writing. I am going to start with what worked for me and that is Peter and Gwen’s story. The chemistry between Emma and Peter makes their story so charming and enjoyable. I remembered reading the comic where Gwen dies, it was something to see it on the screen.

Where the movie fails is in the writing. Jaime Foxx did what he could with Electro, but they went the easy way with his story, he was the Riddler from the Batman Forever movie. An obsessed loner who nobody sees who suddenly gets power. The other thing I did not like was Harry and his story, first of all, Norman should have been the Goblin first, remember this was a reboot so Norman was never the Goblin. I hated the look of the Goblin. Paul Giamatti is a great actor but that Rhino looked silly. The action sequences are great, no denying that.

It is not all bad, but the details I mention are too hard to ignore. I don’t think the actors are to blame, I think the writing of the story could have been better. Thank God Spider-Man is now in the hands of Marvel Studios, they are doing a great job with Spider-Man.

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