Swan song (2021)

Directed by Benjamin Cleary

Starring Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Glen Close, Awkafina

I have to say that Apple TV has produced good films. This year I have seen their films and I have to say they have been good. I can mention films like Coda and Finch, both films were very good in my opinion. On Friday, Swan Song was released, and based on the fact that I liked those previous films I decided to see it.

There is not much to say in terms of the story. But the main plot is about Cameron Turner. He is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to see a doctor that provides an option of having a clone take his place so the family is scared of the pain of losing him. Because the clone needs to learn about his life we see the story of his family through flashbacks.

This film presents an interesting situation and a lot of questions for the viewers. There are a lot of positive and negative aspects in what the films deal with. Who would not want to spare the family of the pain of enduring an illness, but at the same time how do you feel about being replaced. This is the dilemma the film dealt with when Cameron is in doubt about whether to do it or not. The film deals with the subject with sensitivity and humor, but with heart, and presents it in a way that as an audience you can relate and question what would I do. I liked the film. It starts slow, but if you stick with the movie it does get better. The movie is drama, so it remains slow, but when the story kicks off the movie just becomes interesting and Ali’s performance just keeps you locked in.

As I said, the film works a lot thanks to Ali’s moving performance in dual roles. He was able to bring to the screen how going through that would feel and the struggle in the decision. Glen Close was great as she often is. She felt like a villain but was vindicated in the end.

I don’t think that this is a film for everyone because of the pace of the film. but if you enjoy a good dramatic picture, this one is a good film with good performances.

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