Spider-Man No way home (2021) With Spoilers

Directed by Jon Watts

Starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei

I have not been this excited for a film since Endgame. All the hype that was a build-up for this film. The question was would it live up to it. Today I got my answer.

The story revealed in the trailers is that after Mysterio revealed Spider-Man’s identity. Peter seeks the help of Dr. Strange in hopes that he can make people forget his identity. When the spell goes run it leaves Peter with a whole new mess and with the help of his friends, he tries to fix it.

If had not been as excited for a movie since Endgame, I had not left a theater-like I did today since Endgame. The movie is thrilling, with a lot of action, drama, and comedy. For me, this is the spider-Man I wanted to see in the MCU, a Peter that does not depend so much on Tony Stark. But without giving anything away, this is a well-written movie, has a lot of heart and great action sequences. The movie delivered in all that was rumored and a lot more. I am a big fan of Spider-Man and this film for me was a full return to the glory of the first two films in the 2002 and 2004. Not that Homecoming and Far from home were bad, but this one felt to me like a true Spider-Man movie.

This film can make you laugh in one minute and suddenly make you cry, it is a full rollercoaster of a movie. Of course there is one rumor that had everyone intrigued and then as an audience we see it happening, we could not help but cheer, and the whole people in the theater did. It was great seeing Andre and Tobey as Peter Parker/Spider-Man again and seeing the three of them fight together was just amazing.

This for me is the definite film, Tom Holland gives his best performance as Spider-Man in my opinion. Finding the perfect balance between the kid and the Peter who is more mature. Zendaya is charming in this movie and Jacob Batalon adds funny moments to the film.

Willem Dafoe steals the show when it comes to the villains. But Alfred Molina was with also good his performance. Foxx showed that he was not bad as Electro, he just did not have a good enough script. Having the original actors who played the villains was perfect, to see them all again.

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