Spider-Man No way Home (2021)- No spoilers

Directed by Jon Watts

Starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei

I have not been this excited for a film since Endgame. All the hype that was a build-up for this film. The question was would it live up to it. Today I got my answer.

The story revealed in the trailers is that after Mysterio revealed Spider-Man’s identity. Peter seeks the help of Dr. Strange in hopes that he can make people forget his identity. When the spell goes run it leaves Peter with a whole new mess and with the help of his friends, he tries to fix it.

If had not been as excited for a movie since Endgame, I had not left a theater-like I did today since Endgame. The movie is thrilling, with a lot of action, drama, and comedy. For me, this is the spider-Man I wanted to see in the MCU, a Peter that does not depend so much on Tony Stark. But without giving anything away, this is a well-written movie, has a lot of heart and great action sequences.

This for me is the definite film, Tom Holland gives his best performance as the Spider-Man in my opinion. Zendaya is charming in this movie and Jacob Batalon adds funny moments to the film.

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