Chucky (2021)

Created by Don Mancini

Starring Zackary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, Brad Dourif, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Jeniffer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alexander Vincent, Christine Elise

I grew up in an era where horror films were mainly based on monster figures like The Shape for Halloween, Jason for the Friday the 13th franchise, and Freddy for the Nightmare films. And of course, there was Chucky from the Child’s Play films. I was a fan of the first three movies, I did see the others but I did not like them that much. Now when I found out about the series I wanted to give it a chance. It is not the first time that these characters have been into television. I remember that they made television series for both Jason and Freddy. Both shows featured the main characters as narrators to different horror stories if I remember correctly. I wondered how they were going to do it for Chucky.

The story for the show is based on the events of Bride of Chucky. In the town of Hackensack, New Jersey, Jake Wheeler buys a Good Guy doll in a garage sale. He is making a giant doll made out of different parts. He lives with an abusive father and he is bullied at school. Chucky reveals himself to Jake and tried to use his suffering to get him to kill those who bother him. The town then becomes prey to Chucky’s schemes and manipulation.

I have to say I was surprised at the show. The first thing I can say is that it kept the same feeling or style of the films. Chucky is scary with that black sense of humor that it had in the films. I liked that the story now changed and it had nothing to do with him wanting to get out the doll’s body. I thought they managed to create good new characters and a great storyline that was both scary and interesting. Some plotlines were a bit confusing but they get clear in the end.

It was also good how they tied some characters of the films, like Andy and his stepsister from the second film and Tiffani played by Jennifer Tilly. Some of the acting could have been better, but for the most part, it had a good cast. The best for me was that they cast Brad, who has always played Chucky’s voice until the reboot film where Mark Hamill played the voice.

It has only 8 episodes and if you are a fan of the films I think you might enjoy the show.

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