The Majestic (2001)

Directed by Frank Darabont

Starring Jim Carrey, Bob Balaban, Martin Landau.

I was seeing a TV movie that part of the plot was about a movie theater that meant a lot to a town and needed repairs. It reminded me of two films: the wonderful Cinema Paradiso (check my review on the movie section of the web page) and The Majestic. The Majestic was not a successful film critically or at the box office but still, I don’t think it was bad.

The story is about Peter Appleton. He is a screenwriter that is accused of having communist ties. One night he decides to leave and has an accident. He wakes up in Lawson California and has forgotten his identity. He is then mistaken for Luke Trimble, he was a kid who grew up on the town and was lost in a war. His presence brings new life to Lawson as he slowly rediscovers who he is. The Majestic is the theater owned by Luke’s father. With him thinking his son was back they all bring back the theater.

I think the movie failed because this was the first true dramatic performance for Jim. He already did Man on the moon and Truman Show that are not comedy films but still have comedy in them. In this one, he plays a straight and somewhat normal character. For me, I like Jim and his dramatic performances. I enjoyed the story a lot, I think it had a lot of charm and heart. It is not a perfect film but it has more good things than bad things.

Martin Landau in his last performance was so moving and great as Luke’s father. Jim Carrey did a good job in the role, not my favorite of his performances, but it did the job. When he faces congress the dialogue could have been more impactful, but his performance was good.

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