Adrienne (2021)

Directed by Andy Ostroy

I am always interested in documentaries about real people, I am moved by the human aspect of the stories. Even when it’s about a famous person, the human aspect of the story is what gets me. An example is Val, the documentary about Val Kilmer, it was the knowledge of the great actor beyond his screen persona. This documentary is about Adrienne Shelly, a writer, director, and actor. I did see a few of her films including her last film and masterpiece, Waitress.

The documentary feels like a love letter to Adrienne and it is a loving and hard journey that the directors take us on the film. Directed by her husband, he achieves the purpose of lifting Adrienne and showing not only her talent but who she was as a person. And that makes what happened even sadder. I remember the story of her death, but seeing this film now just broke my heart for her daughter and all her family.

I believe the documentary was well done and I don’t know what experience Ostroy has as a director, but he did a good job in terms of the narrative and the interviews and letting the audience know Adrienne and also go through their journey of life without her. The scene where he talks to her killer was so powerful and I can’t imagine how it was for him.

I believe this was a beautiful film and I am glad I got to see her story and was left wishing for a different ending. Available on HBO Max if you enjoy documentaries I can recommend this one.

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