Concert for George (2002)

The day I’m writing this is the 29th of November of 2021, 20 years since the passing of George Harrison. I wanted to take the time and write something about George and this concert.

When I think of concerts dedicated to someone I think of two concerts, the Concert for Freddie Mercury and this concert. Recorded live one year after the passing of George, the concert features George’s friends. That to me is what made this concert special. It was not famous artists going there to perform, it was musicians that loved George and that love was felt with every performance. I wish John had a concert like this, full of his friends singing his songs.

The concert starts with an Indian section and then a performance by the funny Monty Python. After that artists like Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr sing George’s songs. There is one special moment where Paul and Ringo looked at each other and shouted “there goes the 12-bar blues”, something George sang on the Let it be sessions during the recording of For you blue.

I just watched the concert again today and was moved once again by the songs and also the words and the love for George. For me, this is an amazing concert.

Miss you George.

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