The Beatles Get Back part 1 (2021)

Directed by Peter Jackson

Starring The Beatles

The day finally arrived and it sure was not disappointing. The story is well-known about how bad the sessions for Let it be were and the original film being so grim and depressive confirmed it. Now more than 50 years later, though never seen before footage we get a more complete story.

For any fan of The Beatles, this is such a special moment. And how to perfect that a director like Peter Jackson handled the footage and took on this project. His work on this first part was simply brilliant. And I’m glad that he kept things as they were, did not go into now showing only the happy moments like I feel Lindsey-Hogg did with the original film focusing on the downside of what went on. Here he we see them as they were and with the laughter, we also see how the energy for the band was going down. Lennon and Harrison are the most obvious ones that go from excited to grim faces, but how good to see them in never before seen footage, they are missed.

The first episode focuses on the first seven days and what a great ride. We see them work out songs, jam, and even go through old songs they never recorded. But what I enjoyed a lot was seeing John and Paul collaborating on the songs.

Loved this first part can’t wait for the rest.

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