House of Gucci (2021)

Directed by Ridley Scott

Starring Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons

When a movie with this cast is announced, for a movie fan like me it means it deserves a shot. If you follow my page I might have mentioned that Al Pacino is my favorite actor and I’m glad he is back making great films again.

The story in this film deals with family, greed, and betrayal. Mauricio Gucci, a law student meets Patricia at a party and after she follows him around trying to get a date, they do and they get married. He was content with their life, but she wanted to get into the Gucci fortune.

This is the second Ridley Scott film that I have seen this year and both are very good films. I have to say I loved the style of this film and the music. The story was also great, a very sad look at greed and how it can change people, it reminded me of Michael Corleone. It is a very long film but at no point did it feel dull. Every character had their moment and kept adding to the story.

But the main factor in the film is the performance. Each actor is captivating with their performance. Adam Driver continues to bring performances that consolidate him as one of the best actors, at least in my opinion. He has a character that at the start was not complex at all and yet Adam played him in a way that is interesting and we as an audience know he is changing but only see a glimpse of it until it becomes too obvious. Lady Gaga plays a strong female character and she was great. Al Pacino was great, loved his performance, he was funny but when it came to hard emotional scenes Al was perfect. Jared Leto, a chameleon, was also amazing and unrecognizable as Paolo and Jeremy Irons was also great.

I enjoyed the movie a lot, wish it was not based on true events though. ComenOscar time this film deserves a few nominations.

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