King Richard (2021)

Directed Reinaldo Marcus Green

Starring Will Smith, Aunjanue Ellis, Saniyya Sidney, Tony Goldwyn, Jon Bernthal

One of my favorite genres of films re those based on real people even though I know that there are always things they add for dramatic purposes, but most of the time the essence of the story remains.

The story is about the rise of Venus and Serena Williams. But the main theme for me was family. Richard Williams’s story is one of a father trying to help his daughters succeed but at the same time installing values. With unconventional methods, the film follows the path the family takes in support of Venus as she is destined to go pro with Serena waiting her turn.

What a film and what a story. I know about the Williams sisters but had never seen them play or knew their story. The film tennis sequences were thrilling and since I did not see the marches, I was intrigued by suspense. The movie grabs you from the start and then you don’t even realize that it’s a long movie, at least I just sat and watch the film without looking at how much time the movie had left.

The film is really about Richard and he seemed like a complex and stubborn character. So in another word, it’s all about Will Smith and he did not disappoint, giving his best performance, in my opinion, he deserves at least a nomination for his performance. He was moving and complex like the character he played. The moments where the character is tense while watching Venus play were brilliantly played. The whole cast was great.

This film reminded me of Cinderella Man, the story just grabbed me that I was living the tennis matches as if they were happening now. It’s a great movie with great performances and a great story.

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