Tick Tick Boom (2021)

Directed by Lin Manuel Miranda

Starring Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Vanessa Hudgens

I have never seen the musical Rent or the film adaptation but I have heard of it. The main attraction for me to see this film was Andrew Garfield, I believe he is a good actor and even though this was a musical and I don’t like musicals, I wanted to give the movie a chance. I was looking to see if it was still in the theaters when suddenly I saw it wagon Netflix so it was easier to see it.

The story is based on a semi-autobiographical play Larsen wrote about his life. The film is told as he performs the play in front of an audience while showing us through normal scenes what he was saying in the play. The movie tells the story of a struggling writer who has spent eight years trying to get a play called Superb into Broadway. it is in the middle of the AIDS epidemic and he struggles with friends who get the disease and he also struggles with his girlfriend.

The is a brief synopsis of what I felt the film was mainly about. A relatable movie for anyone who has a dream and relationship. I have mixed feelings about the film but it has little to do with the film itself. For me, I just don’t like musicals that much, it bugs me that they break into a song instead of just talking, but that is on me. The film had to be a musical because that is what he did and the source of the material was a musical. But getting over that, I thought it was a good film with a moving story. I think Lin Manuel did a good job directing the film.

Andrew Garfield has done a lot of good performances and to me, he is a great actor. Here he gives an excellent performance as he sings and dances and gave life to Larsen’s story. He carries this picture nailing every scene. He has a very good supporting cast.

If you are like me and don’t like musicals, this is a film worth sacrificing for. It is a human story that by the end in some level will speak to you. It can be about a dream, friendship, and how sometimes we take them for granted, or all of them. I was very moved by his story and even though I don’t think I’ll ever see any version of Rent, I’m glad I know some version of his story.

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