Brainwashed: George Harrison (2003)

Produced by George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, and Jeff Lynne

Released on a day like today (November 18) in 2002, I wanted to write about the album to remember George and his music. I just read that this album comes 15 years after his last solo album Cloud Nine. Of course, he worked on various projects like The Beatles Anthology and The Traveling Wilburys.

Believing that he knew this would be his last album, many expected a different kind of album in terms of the lyrics. But this was an album full of great songs with various themes. The album was finished by two special people in George’s life, his son Dhani and Jeff Lynne and their love and care helped to bring us George’s songs for the fans to enjoy.

George was a great songwriter and there is a lot of evidence of that in this album. The album starts with one of my favorites Any Road, a song he started to work on during the promotion of Cloud Nine and there is a live performance of the song on a VH1 special aired the day he passed. Followed by the fun song P2 Vatican Blues, then by Pisces Fish, a great song with great lyrics that may be related to his experiences, at least I feel it did. Looking for my life is another great song. Rising sun, Stuck inside a cloud, Never get over you, Run so far, and Brainwashed is other great tracks included on the album.

I still miss George and his music, he was a special writer and a special guitar player, underrated at times in my opinion. This was a great way to say Goodbye, a great last gift from a talented man.

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