Rocky IV: Rocky vs Drago (1985, 2021)

Directed by Sylvester Stallone

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Dolph Lundgren,

For me, the memory of this movie is that it was a huge success and an epic battle between Stallone and Lundgren. I had no idea that Stallone was working on a new version. What I read was that while lockdown he thought about what film he would like to repair and he chose that one. He had a lot of shots he did not use.

The film starts following the events of the third film. When Apollo hears that a Russian fighter wanted to fight an exhibition fight he wants to be the fighter with Rocky at his corner. Killed in the ring, Balboa decides to fight Drago in Russia.

It is amazing that for this cut he added 40 minutes of unseen material and took out 40 minutes. I wish I could remember the original version to have a detailed look at what changed. A subplot of Paulie and a robot was eliminated. I think this version is great, I think it focused on the fight and the training because I remember the movie having more dialogue and drama away from the ring.

Not thinking of any changes, the movie is just great, both versions. Here I was how many years later and still captivated by those two boxers (Stallone anD Lundgren) fighting in the ring.

This version also felt like a long music video, so it was hard to talk about performances. Anyway, this is the fourth time for most of the cast and by now they know exactly how to play those characters. Dolph was menacing, he was able to play the character just right.

It was a good excuse to revisit this classic movie and I had a great time seeing it again.

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