Home Sweet Home Alone (2021)

Directed by Dan Mazer

Starring Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Kenan Thompson, Archie Yates

There is one thing I don’t like about Hollywood is the trend of doing remakes. No matter who makes it, and I believe some movies should be untouchable, at least for me. Now, this film is a kind of a remake because it is the same story but with new characters and the McCallister family exists and Buzz is now a cop.

Max is a ten-year-old kid who is left alone in the house while the family is in Tokyo on vacation. Jeff and Pam are having trouble financially and they have a doll that is worth a lot of money but Max took it. Now they want to go to Max’s house and get it back.

Where can I begin? The film has two good actors that I like in Ellie Kemper and Keenan Thompson but they are wasted in this film and not funny. Is hard to see this movie and not have Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as the “villains”. The film went with a different story in a way but the result was not funny, maybe a little moving in the message, but not worth the time.

I don’t want to be mean, but the kid did not have the charisma for this movie, Macaulay Culkin had a lot of that and was better to watch. I say for this film because I think he was great in Jo Jo Rabbit. In all honesty, the cast did what they could, it is hard to remake a film with the cult status of Home Alone. Me as I saw the film I just could not help to compare them to Catherine O’Hara, and the original cast.

Maybe it’s just me. But I don’t think the film was good, it had good intentions maybe, but if you have never seen the original see that one instead.

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