Nirvana: Nevermind (1992)

Produced by Butch Vig and Nirvana

Some albums are just cemented in history because of their impact. The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper is one, Appetite for Destruction is another, and Nirvana’s Nevermind is definitively another one. At a time where the rock was full of these glam party bands, setting aside Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, this album came and created a new genre of music and became the trend of the early ’90s.

I will admit that I like more In Utero but hearing the album again while reading the lyrics, I have come to a new understanding and appreciation for this album. Today, the 30th-anniversary edition of the album has been released. I will first use the occasion to review the album because I have not done that for this record and then I will go through

the contents in this edition.

This is a great album. The music is controversial (Polly), raw and even pop at times. The three musicians (Chris, Dave, and Kurt) shine in the record. Chris provides nice bass lines, Dave aggressive drums, and Kurt cool guitar melodies and his voice. His voice is not perfect and it is clear that others sing better, but he handles each with an honesty that captures the audience. Cobain was a great lyricist. There are a lot of clever lines in this album.

In terms of this collection. I think if I would recommend to a new fan what to buy I would tell him to get the 20th-anniversary edition, I think it has songs that were B-sides and included live versions. This version just includes several live concerts, which is great but the other version has more cool stuff in my opinion. And since the sound for me was the same, I think the 20th anniversary was a better version.

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