Eternals (2021)

Directed by Chloé Zhao

Starring Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kit Harrington, Kumail Nanjiani,

For me, I’m seeing the movie just because it’s Marvel. I started to read the comics when the movie was announced just to have an idea of the characters. This movie has been met with mixed reviews in terms that critics gave it a low score but fans seem to like it.

The story is about this group of beings knowns as Eternals who are sent to earth to protect them from the deviants. After centuries without deviants, they come back and the Eternal get together again to stop them and discover something else.

Is it the worst Marvel movie? No, it was not. When it comes to the MCU still I feel Iron Man 3 was worse and most say Captain Marvel but I liked that one, I can’t understand the hate. But no, I do not think Eternal would rank among their best, but it was not as bad as it is said.

The film looked great. The special effects were amazing and the film had great action sequences. Like always in Marvel films, there was humor in the movie but in a balanced way, not exaggerated like in Ragnarok. The story itself was interesting. I found the film a bit too long at times but maybe it was needed to explain the storyline. Even though I did not know about the characters I still liked seeing them on screen.

The performances were good. It was an ensemble cast and they all had chemistry and performed well together. For me my favorite was Angelina Jolie, she has the experience and knows how to handle that kind of character. But the main cast was all good.

I have to say that I enjoyed the film, there was a period when I wish the movie moved along but it did not last long and I got into the film.

2 thoughts on “Eternals (2021)

  1. I just watched it. I agree, it is a really good movie and I liked how each character balanced out the group. I’m okay with the pacing because it’s an origin movie which needs time to develop the characters. I liked the back and forth from present to past because they were relevant to the story of each particular character.

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