The Lyrics: Paul McCartney (2021)

At first, I had no interest in buying this book, because in terms of the lyrics they are easy to find or are included in the album sleeves. I imagined there would be liner notes still was not sure. Since it was available in digital format, I was able to download a sample and I liked what I read and the stories Paul shared were intimate and provided a real insight into his words and life.

The format is simple, he chose at least 150 songs and they are included in the book. After the lyrics, Paul goes into explaining the song or sharing what he was doing at the time. For me as a fan I loved that he paid tribute to his mom and dad, I never read interviews where he goes deep into his parent’s influence. Tributes to Linda and John are very present and he speaks from the heart that much I got from reading the book.

I think is the best resource to know more about Paul McCartney and the book is done in such good quality in terms of content. It has a lot of never seen before pictures, at least I never saw a few of them before.

I can recommend the book to any Beatles fan in particular because I’m sure they will enjoy reading it. I’m sure the physical book is better in terms of how it looks.

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