Finch (2021)

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik

Starring Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry Jones

This film came as a surprise for me because I had no idea about it. As a fan of Tom Hanks, it’s always nice to see that he is in another movie.

The story is set in a world devastated by something casing radiation and making humans hide and search for food and live in isolation. Finch lives in what felt like a warehouse with his dog Goodyear. He is building a robot when suddenly they are forced to leave because of a storm. On the road, the robot learns new things as Finch tries to find a new home.

I have to start by saying that I thought the film was great. It has a great story that teaches us value through what the robot is learning. It has suspense, drama, and funny human moments. This one had a similar feeling to News of the world, but this one had a better story. It was a moving film, at least for me it was, I admit I ended in tears. As Hanks said in an interview, even though the film is set in a grim and dark world, it does present hope within the darkness.

When I saw Cast Away I thought that Tom Hanks kept you interested in a long film without other characters for most of the film and that is something few actors can achieve. Here he does it again, of course, in this film, there is more dialogue because of the robot. Tom Hanks once again provides a perfect performance. From the physical aspects of the characters to every dialogue, I loved his performance.

I believe the movie is well directed, it went from light-hearted to tense without warning, and it had a lot of heart. In my opinion, it was a good movie and I’m glad I saw it.

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