The harder they fall (2021)

Directed by Jeymes Samuel

Starring Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina king, Damon Wayans Jr.

Released this week on Netflix and after a slow week in terms of new films to see, I decided to see it. I knew nothing about the film in terms of what was it about.

The story is mainly about revenge. Nat Love is an outlaw and finds out that Rufus Buck is set to be released. Rufus murdered his parents when he was a child. When released Buck takes over the town when Mary, Nat’s former girlfriend is captured he comes to save her, and then a fight breaks out between the two gangs.

What can I say about the movie? I think the story was not good enough to keep me interested for 2:00 hours. The action and violence were very crude and bloody which I didn’t mind. But overall I can’t say I enjoyed the film. It just felt pointless at times. The characters are not that interesting. The main problem for me is the length, maybe a bit shorter and it might have been better because for me the story was not strong enough for a 2-hour film.

The film has a great cast, so the performances are good. Regina King is great as the evil Trudy and so was Idris Elba.

I always say that this is just my opinion and that you should see the film if you wanted to. Just because I did not like it, it means the film is bad. For me, the film just fell short in grabbing my interest. As good as the actors were, I just could not care for any of the characters.

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