ABBA Voyage (2021)

Produced by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus

I never thought that there would be a day where ABBA would release new music after their last album in 1981. I am a fan of this group, I believe that Anderson and Ulvaeus are great songwriters and the girls sing beautifully a perfect combination.

Today they have released a new album and it’s titled Voyage. And I must say it sounds like they never stopped making music either. The same magic was there and the songs were great.

The album starts with a great song in “I still have faith in you” and it does not let down from there. Each song has its charm and it is a pleasure to listen to the album. When you danced with me, Don’t shut me down, I can be that woman and Bumblebee are among my favorites on the album, but honestly, the whole album is good. The wait was worth it.

Some bands never lose their touch and when they reunite, the magic comes automatically, after listening to the album, this can be said for ABBA.

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