Battle for the Planet of the apes (1973)

Directed by J.Lee Thompson

Starring Roddy McDowall, Claud Atkins, Nataly Trundy

I admit I am a fan of the Planet of the Apes. The original films and the last trilogy they made I think they are good films. But the original films that end with this film remain the best.

In this installment we find the apes building a new life. We find the apes almost living with humans as equals, the human serves as teachers among other things but are still under the rule of Caesar. The main trouble lies in Aldo, a gorilla general of the ape army who is filled with hate and stands against Caesar.

I have always loved a documentary of the making of these films that are included in the box set. They cover all the films, and because of that, I know the four films. But I admit I had not seen this one. Now that I’ve seen it I think it was a great way to end the series. The strength of these Apes films is that they are fun and are science fiction, but they are a critic of the society in many ways.

The story in the movie is great. The conflict of being different than the humans but in the end, they start killing each other, and the comment by the end where McDonald, a human friend of Caesar, says “they have become human when Aldo kills another ape and they all find out. The ending in the series has always been or tried to be shocking and for this film, it was not only unexpected it was kind of eerie. An ape telling the story and wondering if apes and humans can ever live in peace and the camera turns to a statue of Caesar and tears start to fall.

A highlight of the Apes films is also the makeup. Without CGI and it works perfectly and looks real.

I have to say I enjoyed the movie a lot and believe that the Apes films still stand out today.

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