Just before I go (2014)

Directed by Courtney Cox

Starring Sean William Scott, Olivia Thirlby, Garret Dillahunt, Kate Walsh, Elisha Cubert, David Arquette

There are movies that you find sometimes that are not well known and might not be masterpieces, but they are good films. This happened to me with this film. I saw it available on HBO Max and added it to my list and after finishing Dune, I decided to see it.

Ted was happy living with Penny until he found her having an affair with her guitar teacher. When she leaves him, he decides that he does not want to live anymore. But before killing himself he decides to go back to his hometown and confront those people he thought treated him badly. So he stays with his brother and his family while he goes down the list of things to do before ending his life.

I have to say this is a dark comedy although I never felt it handled any of the situations lightly, I think the comedy is dark because of the rawness in some characters and the subject. It is not known, I can think of Leaving Las Vegas where the character just goes there to drink until he dies. I felt that behind the dark comedy, the film had a lot of heart and just spoke about what every life goes through and how they react to that. Every character in the film has issues and by the end they all face them. That is what I liked about the film. I took the focus away from the suicide and brought it back to living even with the darkness.

The performances were good. I’m so used to seeing William Scott as Stifler from the American Pie films that it was strange to see him in this character, but he was good in the film. Olivia was charming and added light to the story even if her character has her share of sadness in her story. The main cast was very good overall.

Like I said before, the movie is not a masterpiece but it was a good film. I liked the message of the film.

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