What happened, Brittany Murphy? (2021)

Directed by Cynthia Hill

You know what, I was looking for a wat to start this review and the only way I could start is by saying how sad was this documentary. Not because of the actress, but the person that simply died too young and not needing to.

The documentary’s main focus is to examine what led to her death and if there was foul play or not. The documentary is chilling as they use scenes from her film as if she was speaking about her real life. I am glad that people from both sides spoke, that it was not all about destroying her husband and yet a lot of his life was revealed. It is a hard case to decide because the only 100% way was to be inside his mind and see his intentions. There was negligence for sure because they just needed to take her to the doctor and he did not.

It was a very interesting documentary. We see Brittany as she rises in the industry until sadly she started to fall both in health and in her career. As I finished the film I’m hunted by Simon and how complex of a man he was and how he was able to control not only Brittany but other girlfriends, all based on what was shown in the film.

I was not a big fan of her films, Clueless being her biggest film and the one I most like of her films. I also loved her on Riding in cars with boys, a film with Drew Barrymore. But to find the documentary interesting you don’t need to be a fan. It was a talented life that went too soon and in many ways the end just left me sad.

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