The Last Duel (2021)

Directed by Ridley Scott

I went to see this movie for the sole reason that I like Adam Driver. I think he is a great actor and his performances in my opinion are always good even if the movie is not (Star Wars?). But in the end, I was shocked at all the people involved in the movie, I’ll get to that later.

The movie says it’s based on a true story. Set in 1386. The movie is centered around two friends that have been on odd terms and Marguerite, married to one of them. Jean Carrouges is married to Marguerite and Jacques Le Gris becomes infatuated by her and pursues her while her husband is away. She then claims Jacques rapes her and a duel takes place to find justice.

First of all, I had no idea that Ridley Scott directed the movie. He is one of the all-time great directors and that Matt and Ben co-wrote the screenplay something to the best of my knowledge they have not done since Good Will Hunting.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. It has a great story, one of those that keeps you guessing what is true. I liked that the film tells you three points of view of the same situation and leaves the audience to decide. It has action and great drama.

The main thing for me was the performances. Adam Driver continues to prove that he is a great actor, while Matt Damon and Ben Affleck shine also with their great talent as well. Jodie Comer as Marguerite was a great surprise, she was great in the film. The movie has a great supporting cast.

It is a great period film. It is a long film but I did not feel it because I was interested in the story. I made my choice as to who was telling the truth but it is for everyone to make their own choice.

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