The Beatles Let it be 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

New mixes Produced by Giles Martin, original album Phil Spector and sessions by Glyn Johns and George Martin

I have been waiting a long time for Let it be to get a special edition and for the film to be released. In terms of the movie, we the fans are getting something way better with the Peter Jackson film. In terms of the album, just like The Beatles and Abbey Road, it got a new mix and extra material.

I won’t review the original album other than saying that it sounds amazing. The extra material is great, highlights for me is listening to The Beatles rehearse and play All things must pass, it could have been a great Beatles song if they kept at it. Hearing John giving George advice for Something. The jams are cool, it’s fun to hear them just having fun, there are original songs that I wished they included like because I love her so that appears on the fly on the wall disc on Let it be naked. But I’m happy with the set, it got cool stuff on it.

Just received the physical version and I want to start by saying that I loved the package. I have to say it’s the most beautiful package of the recent anniversary releases. The box itself and the covers on each vinyl looks great. The sound is just amazing on vinyl. I have to say I was able to appreciate all the content more now than I did with the digital version. The book had a lot of great content and pictures. Now let’s go for Revolver, Rubber Soul and Help!.

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