The Beatles love songs in their solo years.

It is no secret that I love talking about The Beatles. I was listening to a playlist I made of their solo years and thought about writing about the love songs they wrote when they went their separate ways. They wrote a lot of love songs as a band but I feel they were more heartfelt when they wrote love songs apart because it feels more drawn from their feelings, not all of them I know. Here I will share my 20 favorite Love songs by George, Paul, John, and Ringo.

25. Here’s to the nights – From the EP Zoom in Zoom out. This is a beautiful emotional song written by Diane Warren.

24. Wine dark open sea – From one of Paul’s greatest albums, although not mentioned much. This song is from his album Off the ground. Is a simple love song, the melody is nice and smooth with words of yearning to spend time away with a loved one.

23. Imagine me there – written by Ringo with Mark Hudson and Gary Burr. From the album Ringorama, this is a gentle song with nice words.

22. Six O’Clock – another song by Ringo with a little help from his friend Paul. Written by Paul and Linda, I love the structure of this song and the lyrics. Paul provides a great backing vocal.

21. Bless You – From the album Walls and Bridges here John sings to Yoko during the time they were apart and the words are so sincere and I believe he meant it. It’s a beautiful song.

20. Beautiful Girl – From the album 33: 1/3 but since there was a demo on the new anniversary release of All things muss pass reveals the song was written years before.

19. The other me – this one is a personal choice because I relate to Paul’s lyrics. Not his greatest song but yet I have always loved it. From the album Pipes of Peace.

18. Walk with you – Written by Ringo with Van Dyke Parks. This song has nice words but what makes it special is Paul’s background vocals answering Ringo in the chorus. This song has the feeling of a nice friendship song.

17. No Words – from the album Band on the run, this is a Denny Lane composition that Paul finished. I always loved the words, though they are simple. But the music goes so well with the words. Great song.

16. Someplace else – I believe this song was a movie starring Sean Penn and Madonna named Shanghai Surprise. Is a simple song written with a movie in mind I think, but I love it.

15. Fish on the sand

14. That’s what it takes – these two songs come from the album Cloud nine. George made a comeback with this album full of great songs. These two songs are lovely and I love the words, especially the words on Fish on the sand.

13. Starting Over – This is a song that for me showed how rejuvenated and filled with a new love for music John was. It is not a ballad but a love song still. John can capture that feeling of couples who after long years together need to take some time to be alone and away from everything. The music has a 50’s feeling to it and John’s vocal performance is among his best.

12. What is life – Another upbeat song and grandiose thanks to Spector production. I love the song a lot. It is a happy tune and simple in words but it is part of the charm of the song.

11. Beautiful Night – from the great album Flaming Pie comes this great collaboration between Paul and Ringo. Ringo provides the drum and backing vocals at the end. It has lovely words and I love the melody of this song.

10. I live for you – this song was an outtake released on a version of All things must pass. It is one of the many songs that I feel a more a love song to God. I love the words and the music, the slide guitar sounds beautiful.

9. This One – this might be Paul’s take on Starting Over but focused on the importance of taking the time to say what we feel. It is a lovely song with great words and melody.

8. I know (I know) – this is a beautiful song by John. From the album Mind Games, here we find Lennon coming to terms with what he has learned from his mistakes and proclaiming to love her now more than yesterday. I love John because I feel he wrote so honestly about himself.

7. Maybe I’m amazed – this is one of the few McCartney songs that feels like he wrote exactly how he was feeling rather than his talent coming through. I believe he meant every word and that Linda helped him through. It is a beautiful song and statement to make to your loved one.

6. Jealous Guy – the melody on this one is just so beautiful. Originally a song he wrote for the White Album called Child of nature, he changed the words and came up with a better song. Once again Lennon is not afraid to be vulnerable and express his insecurities.

5. No more lonely nights – written for the film My regards to Broadstreet, this is a typical McCartney ballad. I love the guitar on the song and words.

4. Woman – This song has some amazing lyrics and again very honest. It’s a beautiful love song.

3. My Love – this is one great song, written by Paul for Linda, it is a declaration of love that as long as he has her, he has everything. One of Paul’s best songs in my opinion.

2. All things must pass – A sad song in a way because it talks about leaving or love lost. But the song is yet hopeful as it reminds that someone that it will not always be that grey. It’s such a beautiful song and just shows the talent that George was.

1. Grow old with me – sadly only the demo was released as John died before he could work on it. Based on Robert Browning’s poem, the song is beautiful both in melody and in lyrics. The words are simple but yet powerful declarations of wanting to grow old with the one you love.

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