The Guilty (2021)

Directed by Antoine Fuqua

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

I came into the film not knowing much about the film. Just that it starred Jake and I like him as an actor. Researching the film I found that it was a remake of a Danish film also called The Guilty.

The story is about police officer Joe Baylor who is working on the night shift of a 911 call center. On the night where there is a fire in Los Angeles, he received a phone call of a woman being abducted by her ex-husband. From the call center, Joe tries to help the woman.

I have to say the movie works so well as a thriller. Even though it takes place in the same setting it still achieves to give the audience suspense because of the story. The story has a few sub-plots that I felt were not necessary but they were not bad or damaged the film in my opinion. I think the less you know better so I won’t talk much about the plot. I was intrigued by the story and was interested in seeing how it would all end, it helps that the movie is not long and the main plot comes quickly and the story is well developed.

Jake Gyllenhaal takes command of the screen as only good actors can. He is the only actor we see, all the other characters are heard by phone and played by actors like Paul Dano and Ethan Hawke. Jake gives a great performance making us feel the desperation that someone in his position must feel. Just like Tom Hanks in Castaway, Jake can keep the audience interested by himself mostly.

In my opinion, this was a good thriller. I liked the plot and the devolvement in the story and Jake’s performance.

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