Britney vs Spears (2021)

Directed by Erin Lee Carr

I have to say that although not a fan of her music, this issue of the conservatorship that she has been under for 13 years is something that I believe to be wrong, and do not think they did it for her. This is my second documentary about Britney and her fight, the other was on Hulu.

Here filmmaker Lee Carr and journalist Jenny Eliscu provide a deep look and insights on the conservatorship and the unfairness of it all. The documentary follows Britney from her beginnings as a pop star to the current day where she is fighting for her freedom.

It is a sad documentary because she had a breakdown, I don’t she deserves to be trapped in an unfair legal situation where everyone benefits from her work and yet she can’t make a move without asking. I can’t say if it was necessary at one point, but if so, it should have ended once she got better. As a documentary it was interesting and it did provide good interviews from people involved and some who were close to her.

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