Kuffs (1992)

Directed by Bruce Evans

Starring Christian Slater, Milla Jovovich, Tony Goldwyn

If you follow my blog yesterday I posted about an old 90’s film that I just wanted to see just for nostalgia, because it brought me back to being young and careless. Keeping in that mood, today I saw some scenes of this film that I saw a lot when it came out.

The story is about George Kuffs, a goofball who can’t hold a job and just lives asking money from his brother who owns a patrol service in San Francisco. When Kuffs finds that his girlfriend is pregnant he runs off to ask money from his brother so he can go to Brazil. But he sees his brother get killed and when he inherits the district his brother protected, he tries to bring the killers to justice.

This movie was fun. Not to be taken seriously, it is just a fun picture. George is a selfish character hard to like at first but we see him grow as the movie goes on. The best part of the film is when he is partnered up with Ted. They are funny together. The movie has George talking to the camera, at that I don’t remember seeing that before. But it’s like I said, it’s a fun film, no more no less.

I am a big Christian Slater fan, he was among my favorite actors back then. Here he does this character to perfection. Tony Goldwyn complements Slater very well and gives a funny performance as well.

Those were the days. I had fun revisiting the film.

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